Parking Lot Sweeping

Reclaim the Clean

As winter gives way to spring, your parking lot may be littered with the remnants of sand and gravel used during the winter months for safety. Reclaim the clean, professional look of your property with our specialized Spring Parking Lot Sweeping service.

Our Snow & Ice Management Services

Ice Melt & Gravel Application

Our Ice Melt and Gravel Application Services are essential for keeping your property safe and accessible during the winter months.

Sand Bin Rental

When winter brings freezing rain and icy conditions, safety becomes paramount. At Advance Earthworks, we prioritize the well-being of our clients and offer a convenient solution to mitigate the risks associated with slippery surfaces.

Parking Lot Sanding

Maintaining a safe workplace is essential to avoid injuries, worker’s compensation claims, and potential liabilities due to icy conditions.

Sidewalks & Parking Lot Snow Removal

Our dependable, flat-rate commercial contracts encompass comprehensive maintenance to guarantee safe, unobstructed access to your premises year-round.

Snow & Ice Management

We specialize in handling even the most challenging commercial properties, including retail plazas, office buildings, industrial facilities, and more.

Key Features

Thorough Debris Removal

Our state-of-the-art sweepers are equipped to efficiently pick up and remove sand, gravel, and debris, leaving your parking lot spotless and safe.

Enhanced Aesthetic Appeal

A well-maintained parking lot not only enhances safety but also creates a positive impression on customers, tenants, and visitors.

Environmental Responsibility

We ensure that collected materials are properly disposed of or recycled, contributing to a greener and cleaner environment.

Reclaim the cleanliness and safety of your parking lot this spring with our expert Parking Lot Sweeping service.

Contact us today to schedule your sweep and enjoy a fresh start to the season."