Our focus as a company, and myself as an individual, is to always develop long lasting relationships with all of the property managers, boards, and home owners that we do work for. As we currently maintain over 300 unique properties, myself and the rest of our employees and management team are well versed in how to properly maintain any property to the highest of standards. If there are ever any issues, you can trust that anything brought to my attention, or one of our other managers attention, will be handled quickly, efficiently, and always with respect. More so than that, I am always available for a phone call, email, or better yet a visit to the property. My role is to ensure that you are not only extremely satisfied with the work that gets performed over the course of the contract but also to ensure that we have both a great working and personal relationship. With over 12 years in business, 60+ full time experienced staff, the best available equipment and a dedicated management team, we are well prepared to give you the high end level of service that your property deserves.